Good day everyone,

Things have been quite for some time, but I'm still around and will be continuing my efforts in recruitment. For now, I'd like to announce that I have created two Mincraft Servers. Both server worlds are default as there are no mods installed. I have used to set these up.

For now, both servers have a 5 person limit, but that should not be a problem for now, when needed I can always upgrade them. Both servers are open to the public, so anyone can join in including non-registered members. I can set up a Members only server at a later date as well.


This server is the absolute default you can get, survival mode on Hard difficulty. No mods, for those who want to build and survive in a normal minecraft world. 


This server is a default Creative world, on a super flat world. Feel free to build anything you would like. Please be respectful of other's and their work. There is plenty of space for your own creations.


Have a good day!
- Ziimar

Good day everyone,

For the past few weeks, I have thought about how to structure the community for when we grow. I have taken a more in-depth look into the grouping system and one of my ideas for a large group of members using their own section of the website.

For the grouping system, please check out this forum thread found Here!!

My idea for giving a large group their own section of the website has been something I've thought about since earlier this year. Large groups of members can have their own section to personalize and work better within their own groups, it will also lessen the clutter of posts to the main forums(If we ever get much, much larger). I was thinking of also giving the most succesful streamers and competitive teams of our community their own mini website as well. The mini websites within our websites will have their header, menu, modules(programs), themes, group name and forums personalized by the group's leadership.

For now as an example, I have implemented my idea into Alpha Group's page. To go to Alpha Group's homepage, insert the URL or go to the "members" in the main menu, and press "Alpha Group" At this time, I have limited use of Modules, so there is only a few things I can add to them. I will do this mini website for the Youtube page, Twitch Page and other things as well.

Thank you for your time, if you have any ideas for the future of Forgotten Legacy, please post them to the main forums Here!!

Have a good day!
- Ziimar

[WO] Nerevarmoon What are these and why are there so many?!

Just a Sit-rep

[CIC] Ziimar a posted Jun 6, 16

Hello everyone,

Things have been quite for a while, but I'm not giving up on this community. I have been busy for the past while with work and other things. I'll have more free time later this month, and will be continuing my efforts in recruiting members to the community. 

When I return to my hometown of Thunder Bay, Ontario(Canada) later this month, I will be putting my main recruiting efforts into finding members locally.

At some point in the future, I will look into finding two groups of local players. One group of competitive players to act as an official team for our community and another group to act as an official Youtube/streamer group of our community.

For those of you who don't know, this community is not only for North American players, as we have members from other countries in Europe and Austrailia. Anyone is able to join, as long as they understand English in order to communicate with the community.

Anyways, we're still around so don't worry about our group dying, I'll continue my efforts for years to come.

- Ziimar

Good day everyone,

I have been working on some things during my free time the past couple days. As you some of you may have noticed, we have a new banner, and the menu has been upgraded. You may also notice that there is a new Youtube Page, and Twitch page. I have also made a small update to the forums.

ARK Survival Evolved

I have created a 10 slot server for ARK SE, and it is open to the public for anyone to use. Specific details can be found on our forums Here

It is available for one month

Youtube and Twitch Streamers

- I have created one page for each section, if you are a member, and would like to have your twitch streams or youtube videos placed on those pages, contact me(Ziimar), and I can set you up onto those pages. However in doing so, you will be "representing" our community. So you may be asked to advertise that you are a member of this community. More specific rules will be created at a later date. Basic rule of thumb, don't be an A-Hole when you represent our community.


I have created a "personal threads" area, where you can post your details about what games you have, what games you're interested in playing with others, availability, usernames and anything else you'd like to include. This will help other members find you, in order to connect with other members of this community. It's is completely optional though. Create your own thread Here!!

If you'd like to have people contact you for specific consoles, post threads in these areas.

Microsoft's games - Here
Sony's games - Here!!
Nintendo's games - Here!!
PC Multiplayer games - Here!!

Any comments can be left Here!!

Have a good weekend!
- Ziimar

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