New Rank Names

[M] Ziimar a posted Oct 12, 16

For the past few days, I have been working on updating the names for the ranks. Rather than using Military Ranks, I decided to go with a more unique naming scheme. I can't say it's anything great.

I decided to use Forgotten Legacy under the pretense that it was a Midieval Country, where you have citizens who go on with their everyday lives and the other half as the country's military power that provides protection and stability.

I couldn't come up with a midieval military ranking system, so I decided to mash them up with more modern ranking names, giving Forgotten Legacy a more Unique rank naming scheme.

The first half are the "citizens" of the community, who are there just doing what they want and enjoying what the "country" has to offer. While the second half are "Guards" and "Knights", who provide stability within the "country".

The names for the ranks will most likely go through another alteration in the future, but for now this is what we will be working with. The Grouping system will still be the same if that matters.

[P] Nerevarmoon Decent ranking names, many of them sound like they could be brotherhood of steel ranks.

Good day everyone,

I know things have been quiet for a long time, and that is my fault. I have noticed that people have checked in with the website from time to time, showing interest in this community. However, as it currently stands I am the only one trying to grow the community, so I'd appreciate any help. Even though I say this, I do appreciate your continued support by visiting this website.

As I have mentioned many times before, it is not easy starting any online community. I have done so by creating guilds in MMORPG games in the past, and know what's it's like trying to start off. However with this website, there isn't really a "focus" game right now. So there's not much interest in it until there are more members. I am looking into starting my own Youtube channel sometime in the near future, and I hope to work with other Youtubers and Streamers in order to grow numbers in both the community, and the fanbases. So if you're a Streamer or Youtuber, and would like to work with the community, please PM me.

I personally find myself more of a middleman when running communities. I will interact with my members, but I don't find myself to be very entertaining. So I always create a friendly ambiance, in other words a place where people feel like they belong, and have a fun place to turn to for whatever reason. Despite my lack of selfconfidence, I will be showing my face in the future, so that you people can get to know me for who I am, as the leader of Forgotten Legacy, and not just an Alias by the name of Ziimar. By the way, my real name is Dylan, and I am 22 years old.

Anyways, I will probably create a video of me playing through a game, and the first video of me doing commentary, I will be talking about my thoughts and goals for Forgotten Legacy as a community.

What I am trying to say, is that I will be continueing my efforts with recruitment. So please bear with me and enjoy yourselves. Things will always be a work in progress.

- Ziimar

Good day everyone,

For the past few weeks, I have thought about how to structure the community for when we grow. I have taken a more in-depth look into the grouping system and one of my ideas for a large group of members using their own section of the website.

For the grouping system, please check out this forum thread found Here!!

My idea for giving a large group their own section of the website has been something I've thought about since earlier this year. Large groups of members can have their own section to personalize and work better within their own groups, it will also lessen the clutter of posts to the main forums(If we ever get much, much larger). I was thinking of also giving the most succesful streamers and competitive teams of our community their own mini website as well. The mini websites within our websites will have their header, menu, modules(programs), themes, group name and forums personalized by the group's leadership.

For now as an example, I have implemented my idea into Alpha Group's page. To go to Alpha Group's homepage, insert the URL or go to the "members" in the main menu, and press "Alpha Group" At this time, I have limited use of Modules, so there is only a few things I can add to them. I will do this mini website for the Youtube page, Twitch Page and other things as well.

Thank you for your time, if you have any ideas for the future of Forgotten Legacy, please post them to the main forums Here!!

Have a good day!
- Ziimar

[P] Nerevarmoon What are these and why are there so many?!

Just a Sit-rep

[M] Ziimar a posted Jun 6, 16

Hello everyone,

Things have been quite for a while, but I'm not giving up on this community. I have been busy for the past while with work and other things. I'll have more free time later this month, and will be continuing my efforts in recruiting members to the community. 

When I return to my hometown of Thunder Bay, Ontario(Canada) later this month, I will be putting my main recruiting efforts into finding members locally.

At some point in the future, I will look into finding two groups of local players. One group of competitive players to act as an official team for our community and another group to act as an official Youtube/streamer group of our community.

For those of you who don't know, this community is not only for North American players, as we have members from other countries in Europe and Austrailia. Anyone is able to join, as long as they understand English in order to communicate with the community.

Anyways, we're still around so don't worry about our group dying, I'll continue my efforts for years to come.

- Ziimar

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